Masters of Wealth 2017

Cutting Edge Strategies from the World's Top Experts

8-9 November 2017
Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

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The concept of wealth is often misunderstood. Mention it and the first thing that comes to mind is a big house, fast cars, private jets and living the high life.

Most people have "default" financial plan for their lives. Work hard, save money, and hopefully have enough set aside to retire comfortably.

If this plan actually worked, everyone would be rich and happy. But most people aren't. The only way you're going to escape the rat race and not have to work for the rest of your life is through investing.

Here's why you need to start NOW...

  • Grow your Wealth and Multiply Your Income

    Your salary and the measly savings account interest will not grow your wealth. The wealthiest people in the world grow their wealth through investing in the right assets. You don’t need to be famous or rich to invest.

  • Passive Income

    Automated income. Who wouldn’t want that? The beauty of having passive income is that you will only work because you want to, and not have to. Investing is one of the most proven ways to attain financial independence.

  • Inflation

    Simply put it this way, if the interest you receive is for example, 2.5% and inflation rate is 3%. You are losing money.

  • Sense of Security

    Passive income increases your sense of security by knowing that you have a steady flow of income each month. You know that you’ll be well taken care of, even if things go slightly wrong.

  • Multiple Streams of Income

    You need to invest in not just one asset, but multiple ones. Each is a pillar upon which your wealth rests. If one fails at anytime, you're still supported by the others yo have built.

  • Your Dream Lifestyle

    You will posses more time and money to pursue your dreams to do anything you desire.

You know WHY you need to invest NOW,
But BEFORE we tell you HOW and WHERE to start, You MUST to know this FIRST...

They Have the Wrong Expectations:
Most people approach investing like walking into a casino. They expect to enter with little money and exit after winning big. That's unrealistic and the sure way to set themselves up for failure. Don't trust anyone who says you can "get rich quick". Ever.

They Listen to the Wrong People:
There is too much misinformation out there from "experts" who don't really know what they are talking about. Or they listen to friends and family who as inexperienced as they are. They need to hear from people who have real, proven results before they can be trusted to give investing advice.

They Have the Wrong Strategy:
Most people often end up losing more than they can afford to. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. But most beginners put all their money in an investment which they just “believe” is going to make them rich.

They Don't Manage Their Emotions:
People lose money because of fear and greed. They stay in too long, holding out for a bigger payday only to be disappointed. Or they allow fear to hold them back from ever investing and losing out on any opportunity to make money.

At the 2-day Masters of Wealth, you will hear from experts in the stock market, property, and Internet who share with you EXACTLY how you can use these vehicles to get you moving towards the life of your dreams.

You will walk away with a goal, a plan, a strategy and the connections to support you in your journey.

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